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1st Year Core Courses:

2nd Year Core Course:

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    1st Year Core Courses:

    Biblical Doctrines

    Course Description: Overview of the Doctrine of the Faith, including God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), Angels & Demons, man, sin, salvation, and Scripture

    Discipleship Training

    Course Description: Leads students into a personal knowledge of God and intimacy with Jesus Christ. Teaches students how to function in the Body of Christ, how to harness their God-potential through discipline and authority; how to minister total surrender to others (including new converts).

    New Testament Survey

    Course Description: Overview of the New Testament writings including information of the authors, historical settings and themes, key doctrines and spiritual truths.


    Course Description: More than an overview of the basics of effective writing and speaking skills, this course provides hands-on and practical experience. Team writing and speaking will also include creating agendas for facilitating meetings, and role-playing in conflict and resolution situations. Also, provides instruction for writing resumes and behavior based interviewing techniques.

    Leadership Dynamics I

    Course Description: Everything rises and falls on leaders!  Leadership is not just something we do – it is who we are and what we are becoming.  “Good leadership” begins with a clear understanding of tested principles of management and human relations.  This course will help even those without the spiritual gift of leadership skills so they will be able to effectively lead and influence others.  Leadership Dynamics I focuses on developing yourself as a leader. Required Textbooks by John Maxwell for the course:

    • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
    • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
    • 5 Levels of Leadership



    Course Description: The art and science of Biblical interpretation and how to apply the principles of Biblical interpretation using Greek and Hebrew study tools.

    1st Year Electives:

    Biblical Worship

    Course Description: Examines the theology behind praise and worship, with an emphasis on the priesthood of the believer and how to develop “lifestyle worshipers”.

    Arts Of Worship

    Course Description: Broad overview of the various artistic expressions found within the ministries of the Church today.

    Student Ministries

    Course Description: Surveys the contemporary youth culture and teaches the skills to love and lead a thriving youth ministry. Emphasis includes how to create a powerful youth/children’s program plus youth outreach and how to communicate with parents of children and youth.

    Book Of Acts

    Course Description: In-depth teaching of the Book of Acts with a focus on the church and the major characteristics/traits that define it. Also what the 21st Century can learn from the church of the first century.

    2nd Year Core Courses:

    Worship Arts I

    Course Description: Prepare to abandon everything you know about the logical and predictable. Worship Arts I is a course specifically designed to re-wire how you tackle the creative process when it comes to song writing, and practical creative expression. Get ready to release the regular and push yourself to practically awaken the creative giant inside of you. With assignments that will demand irregular thought and unconventional ideas, you can be sure this course will hijack your routine and launch you into the uncomfortable in order to produce the best, creative version of yourself.

    Leadership Dynamics II

    Course Description: Team leadership is the focus of this course based on John Maxwell’s book: “THE 360 -DEGREE LEADER”. Based on Maxwell’s definition of “leadership as influence”, the course will focus on learning to “lead up, lead across and lead down”; 360 degrees.

    Leading in all directions challenges “influencers” at every stage of life to intensify their leadership skills. Chuck LeBlanc, certified John Maxwell speaker, will challenge the typical myths of leading from the middle as well as the challenges all 360-Degree Leaders face.

    Discussions and class projects will activate awareness of how one can practice “leading up, leading across and leading down” in their present work situations, ministry and home. You will benefit from the power of the classroom as together you discover that “a position doesn’t make a leader, but a leader makes the position.”

    Old Testament Survey

    Course Description:Old Testament survey will bring you into discovering God’s interaction with humanity and a nation - from the beginning of time until 400 years before John the Baptist began his bold proclamations of the coming Messiah.

    The Old Testament covers almost 5,000 years of history. It tells a story full of the prophetic promise that brings hope to despairing hearts today. You’ll also grasp the great wisdom that demonstrates the true depth of mankind’s selfish folly.

    Anticipate being confronted by harsh laws and see the freedom brought by granted grace. Expect mystery. Expect intrigue. You’ll relive the great victories as well as the shattering defeats.  

    Through it all, these 39 books set the stage for the greatest moment in history - the arrival of Jesus and the birth of the Church. You’ll engage in a powerful journey through the Old Testament. Together you will find not only what it contains but how it all fits together.

    The end game? The discovery of how important the Old Testament is in understanding the true impact of the work of the cross and the heart of God for humanity.


    Course Description:Apologetics will give you a firm grasp on the task of developing and sharing arguments for the truth and rationality of Christianity. At the same time, it will pose the falsehood and irrationality of alternatives with the aim of strengthening the faith of believers and provoking non-believers to consider Christ. The course will include written and practical assignments that will reveal your current context of the Christian faith and equip you to provide a solid open minded discussion in hopes that you will win some and bring sceptics to a confident assurance of hope in Jesus Christ.


    Course Description:Innovation and problem solving in the methods of ministering the message of the Gospel don’t just happen. Those who push the church forward into effective ministries, do so through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The creative minds of Tim Tribble, Gene Brack and Josh Hoffmann will challenge you to think “beyond the box.” Expect to expand your thinking and be challenged every step of the way. Know up front that these three instructors will take you inside their thinking experiences as a songwriter, theatre actor/director and media imagineer. Consider yourself forewarned, this class will rock your world. No one will be allowed to rehash past brilliance. Instead everyone will be required to think creatively in the present. The objective of this course is not to teach you to write songs, produce theatre or become a media genius. The objective is to teach you “how to think creatively” by taking you into the mindsets of creatives. Regardless of what area of ministry you pursue, this class purposes to elevate your thinking to a new level of innovation and problem solving.


    Course Description: The Word of God in the book of Romans will take you on a powerful and groundbreaking journey. The Apostle Paul reveals a righteousness with God, by faith in Christ, rather than by faith in works. Romans was written between 56-58AD and leads into a time when the Roman Emperor, Nero, began brutally torturing and murdering Christians. Paul’s epistle leaves no rock unturned as he traces God’s plan to redeem mankind and the consequences of Israel’s rejection of that plan. At every turn, students will experience lively discussions based on a depth of research from the original meanings of Paul’s writing. Pastor Gene will focus on Paul’s revelation of truth concerning salvation, victory and eternal life through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Romans is a foundational course of study that will educate, encourage and equip you to lead others into the reality of the faith that first changed the world 2,000 years ago.

    Christian Counsellor Training I

    Course Description: Christian Counsellor Training will equip you with an understanding of basic listening skills, a Biblical worldview of counselling, and an understanding of the counselling process and referral skills. Christian counselling will focus you to go to God’s Word for answers to the difficult questions of life. Christian Counsellor Training believes man’s limited wisdom is not enough for solving today’s problems. You will learn to rely on the Holy Spirit, prayer and Biblical truth to untangle today’s issues. You will also learn how to decide what can be handled through counselling in the church as well as determining when to refer people to other professionals better equipped to address the issues. “Since the church is also the place for ongoing discipleship, the healing of the soul through counselling can lead to a place of security and acceptance for the Christian to continue growing and developing.” ~ Graham Bretherick, Registered Psychologist.