Our Programs at Lethbridge VBCI are presently divided into 2 tracks:

Biblical Studies
Worship Arts

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One Year - Certificate in Biblical Studies
Two Years - Diploma in Christian Ministry

Biblical Studies | YEAR ONE:

Year one focuses on personal spiritual development and establishing a solid biblical foundation. Students grow in their knowledge and application of the Bible, develop a strong devotional life, and grow in their understanding of their unique gifts by exploring different areas of practical ministry. Students will also expand their understanding of written and verbal communications, discovery of their personality traits and how effective leadership incorporates leadership and communication skills into everyday ministry.   Students will also gain worship and leadership appropriate elective instruction. 

This foundational year provides the tools necessary to succeed in life and provides a basis for further studies in ministry and leadership. This program is designed for everyone who wants to grow in his/her walk with God. Credits earned from this program are transferable to the second year “Associate of Theology Degree”. 

Biblical Studies | YEAR TWO:

The second year provides more extensive training in biblical, spiritual and practical areas; focusing on equipping students to minister to others through the various ministries in the church including youth, children and small groups. Students will continue to grow in their understanding and conviction of their own gifts and callings, as they are provided opportunities to develop through involvement in the local church. Christian character and maturity continue to be emphasized, and students continue to be challenged by the mandate to disciple all of the peoples of the world.  Students should expect opportunities in various aspects of practical ministry at the myvictory sites and other ministries as well.


One Year - Certificate in Worship Arts
Two Years - Worship Arts Diploma

Worship Arts | YEAR ONE:

The goal of the Performing Arts Program at VBCI in Lethbrige is to fuse together the Arts and the message of the Gospel in a contemporary, relevant package that will reach unchurched people. This two-year program incorporates foundational theology courses in the first year in line with the Theology Program. 

The first year will introduce students to foundational theology courses and provides electives in worship arts and leadership.

Worship Arts | YEAR TWO:

Year two focuses on expanding the students' biblical knowledge while preparing them to be fully capable and confident leaders within the context of church worship ministry. This program communicates proven principles and practices of music ministry preparation such as: Forming/leading teams of musicians and singers, song writing, sound and multimedia.  Also offered in the second year is acting, writing and directing for dramatic ministry in the local church.  Ample opportunities will be provided for the students to gain practical experience inside and outside the classroom setting.